Kathy Garner

Kathy serves as the Executive Director for AIDS Services Coalition and has been with the organization for over thirteen ears.  Kathy is responsible for oversight of all  ASC programming, including  the expansion of services offered by AIDS Services Coalition.  As ASC serves people living with and impacted by HIV, Kathy has worked to increase work in the community surrounding homelessness and as well as HIV.

Joanna Johnson

Joanna joined the ASC team in 2013.  As Operations Manager, Joanna helps keep the day to day operations of the organization running, including accounting, human resources and grant reporting.

Jeri Jones

Jeri serves as the case manager for 121 Haven House.  In addition to supporting the residents at 121 Haven House,  Jeri also provides provides outreach into the community to insure that the HIV+ community knows the services of 121 Haven House

Sharon Cohen, LCSW

Sharon joined the team at ASC in 2013 as a program coordinator for 2-2-7 Place. Sharon oversees the program at 2-2-7 Place, including supervising all case management work.  As an LCSW, she is the Clinical Manager for the programs of ASC.

Charmaine Byes

Charmaine joined the ASC staff in 2013 as a case manager at 227 Place.  Charmaine assists Sharon with providing services at 227 Place and serves as the property manager.

Shandale Wilson

Shandale is a case manager and a Veteran (thank you for your service!) . He is working to increase independence and employment with the women of 2-2-7 Place.

Tamara Car

began working as an HIV Educator in the Outreach Program in April 2018.  She comes with great experience in health education and will be working to increase HIV awareness and to increase PrEP use in our area.

Sean Fortenberry

Sean joined ASC in 2017 as an HIV Outreach Specialist, working with the various programming in ASC’s Dixon-Jordan Outreach Center, including the Safety Delivered Condom Program, 3MV, and education.

Natasha Thomas

Starting in the summer of 2017, Natasha is ASC’s HIV Testing Coordinator. As such she is responsible for the Outreach Division of ASC and all its programs.

Kokola McJunkins

HIV Housing Case Manager for NW Mississippi, came on board in the fall of 2018

Annette Davis

Annette joined the ASC team in 2010 as the house manager.  She now functions as the facilities manager for 1-2-1 Haven House, 2-2-7 Place and works with the residents to maintain a safe and friendly living environment.

Mary Bolton

Mary is a Financial Assistant working directly with the HOPWA program.  Her years of experience in housing and finance make her uniquely qualified to work with this program.

Janet Watson, LCSW

is working in the northeast corner of the state, as an HIV Housing Case Manager.

Kimberly Randolph

Kimberly joined the ASC Housing Consortium staff in early 2018 and implements the HOPWA program for  the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Melissa Little

Melissa joined the Team at ASC in December 2014 as a Program Assistant for the HOPWA program and, in October 2016, became the HIV Housing Case Manager for the Hattiesburg area.  She has been involved with housing programs since 2009.

Melinda Triplett

HIV Housing Case Manager for the HOPWA program in the Mississippi Delta, came on board in October 2017.

Cotrencla ‘Tren’ Burkett

As the Supportive Services Coordinator, Tren oversees the HOPWA program for ASC which spans 72 of the 82 counties in Mississippi.  A masters level social worker, she has worked in outreach, housing and case management since she came to ASC in 2014.