Kathy Garner

Kathy has been with ASC for over thirteen years and serves as its Executive Director. She is in charge of all ASC programs, including the addition of additional services. Kathy has worked to strengthen community work in the areas of homelessness and HIV throughout the years, while ASC continues to assist those living with and affected by HIV.

Yvette Barncastle

In 2022, Yvette joined the ASC team. As the Operations Manager, Yvette is in charge of most of the organization’s financial affairs, as well as human resources and day-to-day operations.

Joe Clark

Joe is well-known as ASC’s Operations Assistant. As Yvette’s assistant, Joe is in charge of handling day-to-day operations and fielding phone inquiries on ASC logistics. Joe is also well known for giving his skills by providing/helping individuals in need with furniture.

Daphne Wilson

Daphne joined ASC in June 2017 as a Program Assistant in ASC’s HOPWA Program. She is now known as our Ryan White Program Manager and works directly with the HOPWA program and the Mississippi State Department of Health. Daphne’s tasks include receiving financial data and ensuring that ASC follows the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program criteria.

Jeri Jones

Jeri oversees both 121 Haven House and 227 Green Meadows as our facilities-based housing manager. She offers homes for women and children at 227 and men at 121 Haven House with the help of her team. Jeri also handles case management, organization development, service delivery, oversight of both 121 and 227 case managers, outreach event hosting, and other necessary supported services.

Tyler Henry

Tyler is ASC’s case manager for 121 Haven House, where he oversees our male clients by providing supportive services and networking with local organizations and healthcare clinics. Tyler also helps with outreach events for both 121 and 227 houses, so that everyone within our selected communities is aware of the available resources.

Shandale Wilson

Shandale is a Veteran and a 227 Green Meadows Case Manager (thank you for your service!). Shandale works with our 227 clients to help them find employment, discover resources, and gain independence.

Kayla Hinton

Kayla began working for ASC in March 2023. She is a new case manager for 227 Green Meadows women’s housing, and her responsibilities include helping clients gain independence, employment and access to resources that are offered.

Brian Outlaw

Brian started with ASC in 2019. Brian began working in the HIV area as an HIV Educator in Northern Virginia before joining ASC in 2013. He is currently ASC’s Community Health Worker (CHW), where he delivers HIV testing, and PrEP Navigation, and founded one of ASC’s Support Groups, “What’s the Tea?”

Sean Fortenberry

Sean started at ASC as an HIV Outreach Specialist in 2016 and is now our Safety-Delivered Coordinator and Food Pantry Operator. Sean has a long history with Outreach and has hosted/tabled various events to boost HIV awareness and advocacy, including Many Men, Many Voices (3MV).

Natasha Thomas

Natasha joined ASC as the HIV Testing Coordinator in the summer of 2017. Natasha has a history of teaching and conducting HIV testing events, in addition to being responsible for ASC’s Outreach Division and all of its initiatives. Natasha has accepted a position as our Deputy Director for ASC and is also a team player, and her positivity and desire to help others make her job at ASC rewarding.

Annette Davis

Annette began working with ASC as a House Manager in 2010. She is currently our Facilities Manager for all ASC programs and facilities. She works with residents to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment and is also our IT technician!

Melissa Little

Melissa has worked with housing initiatives since 2007. In 2014, she started working at ASC as a Program Assistant. In October 2016, she was promoted to a case manager for the Hattiesburg region, and she is currently the ASC Housing Consortium Manager (est. January 2022). Melissa’s responsibilities include supervising all case managers to ensure that all standards are satisfied while servicing 72 of Mississippi’s 82 counties.

Melinda Triplett

Melinda has been with ASC since October 2017. She is the Mississippi Delta HOPWA Case Manager, and her responsibilities include supporting clients in obtaining jobs, assisting clients in gaining independence, and providing other services. Melinda has a Master’s degree in social work and is a Certified Mental Health Therapist (CMHT), as well as experience working in housing, home health/hospice, and extensive research to gain resources/referrals for client services.

Latoya Hatchett

In February 2022, Latoya began working at ASC. She is one of the Case Managers for the ASC’s HOPWA program. Her tasks include supporting clients in obtaining work, assisting clients in gaining independence, and providing additional services.

Viveca Sims

In February 2022, Viveca began working as the Program Assistant for ASC’s HOPWA program. Her tasks include directly aiding HOPWA case managers and supervisors, as well as engaging/conducting with qualified clients enrolled in the HOPWA program.

Kiana Jones

Kiana has joined ASC’s HOPWA program as our Case Manager Mississippi’s southwest area, and her tasks include supporting clients in obtaining jobs, assisting clients in gaining independence, and providing other services as required.

Takia Mays

Takia joined ASC in January 2023 as HOPWA’s new Case Manager for the Southeast area of Mississippi. Her tasks include supporting clients in obtaining jobs, assisting clients in gaining independence, and providing other services as required.

Angel Clemons

Angel joined ASC in December 2022. She is known as HOPWA’s new Financial Assistant, and her responsibilities include submitting cash requests for the HOPWA program and issuing bill payments for HOPWA clients. 

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