Board of Directors



Helen Cartwright

Helen is a Licensed Masters Social Worker  with the disabled population in southern Mississippi.

Beejee Dickson

Beejee is a retired social worker and has worked with ASC as a volunteer and, at times, employee since its inception.  

Jim Dukes

Jim is an attorney-at-law and is President of the ASC Board of Directors and works as an advocate for the organization with businesses, government, and the medical community.

Tonya Green

Tonya is the Director of Social Services for the Southeast MS Rural Health Initiative.  Tonya is Secretary of the ASC Board of Directors.

B.J Lambert

B.J. is a retired financial professional and long-time advocate.

Vickie Reed

Vickie is the graduate coordinator for the community health sciences program at USM.  She is also a representative of Delta Sigma Theta, a sorority whose national emphasis is HIV.  

Russ Royals

Russ is a local business owner, landscape designer and a 30 year plus HIV survivor.

Dr. Jason Moss

Dr. Moss is an infectious disease physician for Hattiesburg Clinic at Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative (SeMRHI).

Michael Watkins

Michael has been in the broadcasting industry for over 35 years and also works in sales with iHeartMedia. He is an active member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Hattiesburg. 


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