2-2-7 Place



2-2-7 Place:  Supportive Housing for Homeless Women & Children

2-2-7 Place provides permanent supportive housing to homeless women and children, with a focus on helping clients transition to self-sufficiency.  The program provides long-term, community-based housing with a full continuum of care as clients work towards independence.

The staff of 2-2-7 Place works with clients to help them learn the skills necessary to:

  • Obtain/Maintain permanent housing
  • Increase self-determination skills
  • Increase job skills and income

The social services staff at 2-2-7 Place provides clients with case management, mental health care resources, life skills education, and health services and education.  To be eligible for admission to 2-2-7 Place, applicants must:

  • Have a diagnosed mental disorder, substance abuse problem, or HIV/AIDS
  • Be able to live independently on a daily basis including being able to manage medical needs
  • Be homeless
  • Provide a negative urine toxicology screening within 30 days of being admitted
  • Be free from using illegal substances or abusing alcohol
  • Be willing to work toward independent, permanent living through life planning and development
  • Cannot be a registered sex offender
  • Cannot have a history of violent behavior, including threatening behavior

Applicants with a history of substance abuse should be ready and willing to work towards recovery through active participation in group meetings.

Resident Admission

Residents admitted to 2-2-7 Place must meet specific criteria. Potential residents are requested to provide documentation and meet with staff members for one-on-one interviews. Timeliness and accuracy of the information is vital to a successful application process.  For more information about the admissions process, please contact the 2-2-7 Place Supervisor or call 601.296.6472.

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